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Tell Parliamentary Speaker that we oppose the Civil Union Amendment Bill

Courageous efforts by organisations devoted to Life and Marriage lost the battle in 2006 to defeat the “Civil Union” Bill -  and the absurdity of two persons of the same sex being able to “marry” consequently became the law of the land. The only consolation in the Act was the recognition in Section 6 of the right of civic marriage officers to conscientiously object to any type of participation in the Act’s provisions.  

Now, COPE member of Parliament, Deidre Carter, has tabled a Private Member’s Bill – The Civil Union Amendment Bill, which proposes  stripping the Act of this conscience-protecting clause… 

Her Bill is in response to reports which claim that currently a very healthy 421 of Home Affair’s 1130 mainly rural “marriage officers” have exercised their right under the Act, formally applying for conscientious objection.  

The proposed Bill, would if successful, legally force these civic marriage officers to simply violate their consciences! It is a cause for concern especially as it would set a precedent and is in the mould of similar international initiatives.  

One could then raise the question about all the doctors, nurses, and other health-care providers and their right to oppose participation in abortion… 

It is a hallmark of any civilized and democratic society that citizens should not  be obliged to violate their most basic convictions - be these of an ethical, religious or moral nature. And where morally pernicious legislation has been foisted upon a nation, there must be provision made for those, who in conscience, cannot fulfil tasks inherent to such legislation! 

Even though the proposed Bill does not affect religious marriage officers, we need to protest strongly against Carters’ submission. It deserves to be simply thrown out. 

Will you help? The hour is late as comment must be submitted by 30 April 2018. 

Send your peaceful protest now and support the conscience clause of the civic marriage officers in South Africa.

Send your own message, be polite but firm.

All that is required is a brief mail outlining your concerns/objections to the Bill. A short “one liner” will be better than nothing! Please feel free to use anything of the above. 

Email your opposition to: 

Parliamentary Speaker Ms B Mbete

And copy to Ms Dierdre Carter (of COPE who is proposing the bill) at 

And copy to COPE leader Mr Mosiuoa Lekota

And Mrs Cheryllyn Dudley (of the ACDP who is opposing the bill)

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