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The Benefits of Large Families

Experience shows that a family’s vitality and unity are usually in direct proportion to its fecundity.

In large families, the children normally look up to the parents as leaders of a sizeable community, given the number of its members as well as the considerable religious, moral, cultural, and material values inherent to the family unit.

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Quotes About the Rosary from Our Lady, Popes, and Saints

Our Lady has herself told us of the efficacy of praying the Holy Rosary every day and of the joy it gives her and the Blessed Trinity. From the Saints also we hear of the importance of praying the Rosary. Especially for these times, “there is no problem...

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Humility Is Compatible with the Rich Dress of One’s Office

Saint Francis of Sales, the bishop of Geneva, while on a journey during Lent, went to a church that was attached to the monastery of Capuchin friars. He arrived at sermon time; the preacher had taken ostentation in dress as his sermon’s theme and was inveighing vehemently against prelates and ecclesiastical dignitaries…             Read more...

Return to Order: From A Frenzied Economy to An Organic Christian Society – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go
In the ground-breaking book, Return to Order, John Horvat II explains the root cause of our shaken economic order is a moral crisis that manifests itself in the economy. Backed by nearly twenty years of research, Mr. Horvat offers an inspiring and hopeful path to reverse our crisis and offer solutions for the future.